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Marketing continues to be a ‘secret weapon’ in industrial distribution. Why do some distributors make it while others fail? What gives a company that extra edge?  In a lot of cases, it’s marketing-- both the art and science of it.

          Need to drive more web traffic?

          Wondering how to manage and develop a flyer program or online catalog?

It’s hard to do it all alone. Berkshire eSupply can provide marketing services including generic and customized print and electronic collateral, which drive both orders and website traffic. We’ve been helping our customers grow through smart marketing for more than 20 years. We combine data, product selection, price and creativity.

Contrary to predictions, print is not dead. Research shows you need customized, consistent and effective marketing collateral, both in electronic formats, to raise awareness, change habits and drive business to each channel.   Consistent email and targeted website landing pages have become crucial for top of mind awareness over the last three years. Stickiness and ordering from multiple channels creates “omni-channel customers”, and they are the ones who will grow your business.

Berkshire eSupply makes marketing affordable and simple with our comprehensive offering of both print and electronic tools including flyers, full-line catalog, email content, and sales collateral. Our team at Berkshire eSupply are direct marketing specialists with over 30 years of experience designing systems for independent distributors.  We utilize our know-how, volume and production relationships to create affordable, customized print and electronic collateral for you.It’s hard to do all of this alone. Put our marketing expertise to work for you. We welcome you to review our innovative offering and take advantage of our marketing experts.


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